About Us

Tazla Energy Ltd was founded September 2003.

Its mission is to develop low energy devices using high voltage pulse power technology which replicate natural high voltage effects created by lightning.

Most people are unwilling to change their habits or lower their standards of living to reduce global warming.  As the world becomes more affluent, increasing use of current technologies will accelerate the damage to the environment.  High voltage pulsed power devices developed by Tazla Energy offer a low carbon alternative to existing technologies which could reduce electricity consumption in developed countries and allow living standards to be raised in developing countries without increasing energy consumption.

The company is committed to developing high quality products that are easy to install, cheap to run and require little or no maintenance.  Low carbon devices that are cost effective to own and operate.

The Environmental Industries Commission

  Tazla Energy is a member of the Environmental Industries Commission, a UK lobbying group for companies working in the Environmental sector.  Its website is
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WSSET   Tazla Energy is a member of the World Society of Sustainable Energy Technology (WSSET), a society that plays a key role in promoting sustainable energy and developing a partnership between academic institutions and industry..  Its website is
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